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The Lifetie Project

Hendrik Thompson is a health enthusiast. He believes a distributed network of researchers, entrepreneurs and craftspeople will change the way we treat disease. He studied physics and engineering before venturing into consulting and entrepreneurship. His grandfather’s death inspired him to create a company that funds improved cancer treatment.           
     Sevan Mehrabian ties a full Windsor knot while keeping Life Tie up to date on the latest in cancer research. His mother died of breast cancer and he is fueled by her memory. Sevan believes information sharing is the key to better health.  He speaks six languages and writes poetry in three of them.
Emily Hahn believes that women in ties can start a health revolution. Her expertise in ethics and health inspired her to create a company that uses fashion to make a difference in cancer research. She wants to create a world in which people make informed health decisions, cancer is gone and ugly ties are a thing of the past.

Dr. Jian Zhang creates medical devices in the San Francisco Bay Area. After leading a robotic surgery project at Columbia University, he realized that most cutting-edge research suffers from a lack of funding. By developing the latest health technology Jian is helping people live healthier lives globally.


Andy Stattmiller is a San Francisco-based illustrator and designer. He is the man behind the Life Tie magic. Andy has worked with innovative companies such as Ideo, Starbucks and Goorin Bros. His latest accomplishment – winning the cinnamon challenge.


Want to learn more? Email contact@thelifetie.com


Look good. Be good.


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