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The Lifetie Project

Business Philosophy

Look good. Be good. Your purchase supports a carefully selected portfolio of organizations that bring about real change in research, prevention and patient care. We believe that transparency is the best policy. Customers should know where their money goes.

  • Where We Are

    Currently chronic and largely preventable diseases make up the majority of deaths in the US. By attacking cancer at its core, research suggests that we can drastically impact all of the top offenders. 

  • What We Do

    Our company uses at least 25% of funds to:

    > Donate to promising organizations

    > Launch Life Tie Labs: health apps and other tools

    > Identify most promising cancer solutions

  • Where We're Going

    In order to solve cancer, a multi-disciplinary problem, more collaboration is needed between scientists, patients and policy makers.  

    More ties. More solutions.

For more information visit our Causes page.

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